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“Some long-haired friends of Jesus in a Chartreuse Microbus”

Planning a “staycation” this year? This might just be what you are looking for! Your very own camper-van. Where did this “Chartreuse microbus” title come from? From C.W. McCall’s song “Convoy” (1975). The song is about a fictitious trucker rebellion … Continue reading

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Finishing a project …….

The last 10% of a project always seems the hardest – or is that just me? Months – even years – can be spent on a model only to run into the sand on the home straight. It might be … Continue reading

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If a trip to the Henley show is the last day of Summer, then the run up to the quaintly-named village of Laughton-en-le-Morthern is surely the first day of autumn for Meccano modellers. The stylish residents of Henley-upon-Thames are usually … Continue reading

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An Australian Kenworth Truck and Trailer

Now here is a model which has been a long time coming. Some bits of it like the design for the sleeper cab and the seats have been around for a while, and so has much of the running gear. … Continue reading

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One step backwards, two steps forwards ….

That’s just the way it is sometimes. You reach a point in a model where you realise that lots of careful work will need to be undone and rebuilt if you want to get it right. Ah well! You have … Continue reading

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By popular request

I’ve produced a couple of manuals now for people wanting to build a 1/10th scale trailer in Meccano, but that begs the question – when will we see a truck to pull them? My publisher has been encouraging me to … Continue reading

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Hildred’s Shopping Centre, Skegness

First pictures arrived this morning via Drop Box of the Skegness display of Meccano models that I provided for Meccano UK’s  advertising agency, currently filling a vacant shop window in the Hildred’s Centre. Thanks to Red Brick for these! Looking … Continue reading

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High sided

With gales last night reaching 112mph on the western edges of our island it was no surprise to see news this morning of all sorts of damage. With the wind whipping the branches of the many trees in my garden … Continue reading

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Skegness here we come!

The excitement mounts! The first weekend in July is almost here. I have made the trek east for many years as a day visitor and photographer, but for the first time ever I am booked in as an exhibitor at … Continue reading

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Smile, please!

Last Saturday was the spring meeting of the North Midlands Meccano Guild, so I made the familiar journey over to Oxton with a couple of models. As my homage to “Convoy” continues to grow, this time I took my GMC … Continue reading

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