Or lorries, if you prefer the traditional English name for road-going heavy goods vehicles.

Despite the fact that Meccano has rarely if ever included a realistic tyre that could be used in a truck model of any size, trucks have long been a staple of any exhibition or club meeting. Meccano is also sufficiently versatile as a medium that models can be made of vehicles from just about any period and in a whole range of sizes and scales. By the time you move up into larger scales there are all sorts of possibilities for internal detailing, including of course electric motors powering full drive trains with gearboxes, clutches, brakes and differentials. Look around any show and you will see models as varied as the prototypes that thunder along our roads every day.

I edited three manuals (published by MWMO) entitled “Everything Automotive” which have proved very popular – dealing with rear axles and differentials, front axles and steering, and then gearboxes: these drew together a whole range of ideas developed by some of the best Meccano brains of the time and remain a valuable reference for anyone wanting to develop their own vehicle.

Nowadays gifted Meccano engineers take the truck model to ever greater heights, but there will always be room for small and ingenious models that don’t require a hundredweight of parts and two men to lift them.

For the latest models from my “stable” check out my Flickr gallery at


5 Responses to Trucks

  1. Jeroen Michiels says:

    Do you have any of those manuals you edited online available?

    • Philip Webb says:

      sorry, no; but lots of material available from MW Mail Order.

      • Nick Duekin says:

        I would like a model plan for your Australian Road-Train Tractor unit so my question is the same as above. I ordered your trailer from Howard Somerville at MW models two months ago but have received no reply. I have heard that he may be unwell. Have you any other outlets your plans are available? Regards Nick Durkin

      • Philip Webb says:

        Hi Nick – I am very glad you like the truck so much. I am afraid that Howard has been seriously ill and it may be some time before MW Mail Order is up and running.
        I have no plans to produce a model-plan of the Oz Truck but I may be able to send yuo something privately. There are other dealers who sell model-plans though I have to say that I have never received royalties from any of them!

      • Nick Durkin says:

        Thank you for your speedy reply so sorry to learn about Howard and I wish him a speed recovery as possible. If you could send something privately I would be very grateful. Are you able to do it via e-mail or will you need my address? Let me know of any costs involved.
        Regards – Nick

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