Finishing a project …….

The last 10% of a project always seems the hardest – or is that just me? Months – even years – can be spent on a model only to run into the sand on the home straight. It might be an unforeseen snag, the distraction of another project that was just too tempting, or simple boredom with the one in hand!

In this case it was the arrival of grandchildren (wonderful!) and a long-term commitment to a local church in need of help that meant retirement was not quite the empty diary I had expected. But then came Lock-down, and I realised that I really had no excuses – my latest manual had to be finished. I was spurred on by one modeller asking if he could possibly have any instructions for my Kenworth truck – so I set to, and now we have not just one, but two new Model-Plans with the publisher, and that wonderful sense of a job completed. At 28pp the Kenworth is hardly a major novel, but packed with detailed photos and drawings it has taken several years to compile. Hopefully it will serve as an inspiration for others, along with its partner trailers.

Now for the next one!


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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1 Response to Finishing a project …….

  1. Paul Wright says:

    An inspiring Meccano website! The last 10% always takes the longest – and i thought i was the only one who had this problem. I will definitely be building the Kenworth W900. Stay safe.

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