One step backwards, two steps forwards ….

That’s just the way it is sometimes. You reach a point in a model where you realise that lots of careful work will need to be undone and rebuilt if you want to get it right. Ah well! You have probably been there yourself.

In my case it meant taking out the motor, clutch and gearbox from my Kenworth, and then reinserting them an inch lower on new mounts so that I could create a detailed model of the engine block. I think the result is actually better, especially when it comes to the cab area, but it took a while! So now in addition there is lots of plumbing, a proper “universal” steering column, air filters and radiators. Next step – the interior of the cab.

The construction manual is going well, with loads of VirtualMec drawings to go with all the instructions. Everything built so far has been written up – one day we will get there!

More photos at

Meccano truck

Kenworth Engine bay


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3 Responses to One step backwards, two steps forwards ….

  1. geoffrey burgess says:

    Philip, this reply cheered me up no end! i’ve just found out my screw winding mech’ for the trailer brakes on my Foden timber tractor is 1/2″ to far rearwards!! after fitting all the cab floor!, so I’m going to have to take it all apart and re-fit. As you say it happens to us all.
    Regards Geoff.

  2. Philip Webb says:

    you have my sympathy! But I’m sure it will be worth it.

  3. John Ansell says:

    That’s what makes this Hobby so absorbing. having just spent a Month designing and building a working Tumbling Machine

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