High sided

With gales last night reaching 112mph on the western edges of our island it was no surprise to see news this morning of all sorts of damage. With the wind whipping the branches of the many trees in my garden it sounded pretty rough – a good night to stay inside! My sympathy goes out to all who couldn’t and can’t – who have to be out on the roads facing all sorts of dangers. I saw a clip of one curtainsider which had blown over on the M6, just being righted by a breakdown crew. It looked very battered. Here’s a tribute to the heroes who keep our homes and stores supplied with all we need each day.

Peterbilt with 40ft refrigerated trailer

Peterbilt with 40ft refrigerated trailer


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2 Responses to High sided

  1. A splendid model. I hope you have time for this model to make a modelplan with building instructions.

    • Philip Webb says:

      thank you!
      I am planning to do a modelplan of the trailer later this year, and there is already one available from MW Mail Order of the Logging trailer also seen on my site. I hope in due course to write up the various trucks, too.

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