By popular request

I’ve produced a couple of manuals now for people wanting to build a 1/10th scale trailer in Meccano, but that begs the question – when will we see a truck to pull them? My publisher has been encouraging me to produce such a manual, so here we go: the Kenworth tractor unit. You may well have seen photos of my original truck: now I am working over that and rebuilding it in a way that other modellers might be able to follow while taking pictures and producing CAD drawings of each stage. I’d like to think it might be available by summer 2015, but that depends what life throws at me in the mean time!

Visible features so far include steering, motor, clutch and 4-speed and reverse gear box with gate change. There are leaf springs at the front and simulated Kenworth-style airbag suspension at the back. The rear double axle has twin differentials and a leading inter-axle differential.


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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3 Responses to By popular request

  1. geoffrey burgess says:

    Hi Philip. More power to your elbow or should it be fingers, excellent news.

  2. John Ansell says:

    Hello Phillip

    Just looked at your Pages, Wow! Wonderful. That’s just your Site let alone Your super pictures.
    Brilliant work on all fronts.

    Many congratulations

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