An Australian Kenworth Truck and Trailer

Now here is a model which has been a long time coming. Some bits of it like the design for the sleeper cab and the seats have been around for a while, and so has much of the running gear. Once I have some good sub-assemblies I like to keep them! The truck is similar to one I built a few years back, but there are many differences and (I hope) improvements.

It is inspired by a review of a die-cast model I found at No chance of me affording one of those – though I suspect the Meccano model is worth a lot more! So I built my own.


Truck: semi-pneumatic front tyres, Ackerman steering, leaf-spring suspension. Movable roo-bars, insect guard, movable bonnet (hood) to reveal detailed engine. Hinged doors carry prototypical mirror assemblies and lead to a cab fitted with twin seats having adjustable head rests and adjustment for rake, height and forward positioning. Behind this is a twin-bunk sleeper cab with opening doors to cabin and and lower lockers.






The outside is decorated with assorted running lights, spot-lights, aerials and air-horns and four separate fuel tanks are fitted along with twin tool boxes. The rear suspenision has simulated air-bag suspension and the eight wheels are driven by inter-axle differentials on the two axles and via an interaxle differential and a sliding cardan shaft ahead of these.

A fifth-wheel coupling is the attachment point for the dolly-bogie which is carries spare wheels and a spare fuel tank and a further fifth-wheel coupling with sprung catch. A notable feature of this is that its twin rear bogies, boasting some sixteen wheels between them, slide on and out on a lateral telescopic bearing to give more stability when carrying abnormally wide loads.

The main trailer, a variety made by Drake Trailers of Australia, is “swing-wing” – its two sides are built up on heavy girders and are joined by arms to a central spine and swan neck and they may be swung out to match the track of wider loads. Rear ramps are also fitted along with mud-guards, lights, etc.

Certainly one of my longer models!


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  1. Ian Corlett says:

    Hi philip
    Just one word SUPERB.
    Lots of detail.
    Regards Ian

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