From one end to the other

Having worked on the cabin of our spaceship it was obviously time to head to the other end and do something about the engine bay. Four large engine nozzles (fusion reactor driven, apparently!) plus the ancillary tanks, four spherical and four elongated with spherical ends. Quite a challenge in this medium! Each sphere worked out to about an hour’s construction. Img_4601

Then mount them all together and work out how to fit them onto the main framework, preferably in a way that allows for quick removal for transport – this is getting seriously heavy.

And good news – this and the trucks, plus the Mercury Atlas complex, have all been booked to go on display in a Skegness shop window for a week in Juluy to advertise the international Meccano show! So all I have to do is finish them in the next two weeks before I go on holiday …..


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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