Cabin pressure

Some models are easy enough – lots of square sides and shapes. and then there are the other sort, with few flat surfaces and all sorts of odd profiles. The sort where you wonder why you took on this challenge! One of these is the control cabin of the Eagle Spaceship from Space 1999.

Well, I had built the main pods and framework and I’m well on with the engine bay so I could put this off no longer. I decided the best bet was to amass the best drawings I could find on the net and then blow up the plan and elevation views to Meccano size so I could offer up some constructions to these. That seemed to work well, and then once we had found the right curves to match the plans, it was down to filling in the surfaces. The tricky task was inevitably getting inside the tight spaces to do nuts and bolts up as it progressed! But bit by bit it came together and the cabin is now bolted onto the main frame. There are even a couple of pilots on board for those who care to peer in through the windows! Perhaps we need to add some lights there …

Cabin, Eagle Space 1999

Cabin, Eagle Space 1999

Now it is off to build some more engine nozzles and fuel tanks, and then the central DROP module. Today there is a whisper that I might be needed to help with another shop window display this summer, so no pressure then! It’s just as well the evenings are long …

More anon….



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  1. Very well done! I look forward to seeing the finished project.

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