Welcome to my hobby room!

My name is Philip Webb, and I’ve been involved with Meccano almost all of my life – ever since a birthday present of a small second-hand set when I was about 6. Since then my stock of parts has grown quite a lot! It gave me a life-long love of all things mechanical, and although I am more artist than engineer it was certainly part of what led me to a first degree in Physics.

Thereafter I moved over professionally, as my Professor said, to Metaphysics (and that’s another story altogether) but my love of the holey stuff remained. I discovered the network of adult enthusiasts and the clubs in 1980 and since then have been an active member of various UK Meccano Clubs.

When the International Society of Meccanomen was founded I was asked by its founder Dr Michael Adler to chair its inaugural meeting following one of the great exhibitions at Henley-on-Thames, a mecca for all Meccano modellers for many years. I have been  a regular contributor to its journal, “The International Meccanoman”, since it began, serving as art editor, resident cartoonist, and latterly as sub-editor of the regular “Model Building Technology Feature”, a compilation of tips and ideas from Meccano Engineers from all over the world.  For many years it has also been my privilege to serve as the Chairman of the ISM.

I have written articles for many magazines, and both individually and in co-operation with my late friend Paul Joachim I have produced a number of ModelPlans, instructions for building a whole range of Meccano supermodels including the popular “Everything Automotive” series, available through MW Mail Order. In my spare (Meccano) time I am also webmaster for the North Midlands Meccano Guild, www.nmmg.org.uk which not only runs a very successful club meeting – it also stages the annual international show know to all as “Skegex” held each summer in the Embassy Theatre, Skegness.

Philip Webb

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4 Responses to Welcome to my hobby room!

  1. Paul says:

    I have some meccano gathering dust. I would like to donate it for free to you if your interested.

  2. Philip Webb says:

    Certainly – try contacting my friend John Hornsby on johel01@virginmedia.com, a good Lancastrian!

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