Not all roads lead to Laughton ….

well, not this time! There were a couple of other club meetings on which took some folk away, we hear of (sadly) some old friends who weren’t too well, and the Highways Department were doing their best to stop devotees of the Sheffield Meccano Guild from reaching their spring meeting by closing the road! But forewarned by Rob Mitchell a very sizeable number turned out once again and found their way to the village hall at Laughton- en-le-Morthern.

The next challenge is sometimes to find table space, but somehow there were many more than usual, so there was plenty of room for all this time. Bring-your-own folding tables were much in evidence, not least groaning under the many wares of our various dealers!

Great food and conversations as always, and another competition, this time to see who could make a self propelled vehicle capable of crossing walls and trenches and then climbing a polished slope! Not the easiest of tasks, but much fun was had watching a collection of wierd and wonderful vehicles having a go. Not for the first time Russ Carr proved to be up to the challenge!

And then there was the much-anticipated auction to tempt members to acquire even more Meccano – as some of us did, once again…But you want to know what the models were like, don’t you! OK – you’ll have to subscribe and get the magazine like the other 140 or so members, but here are just a few to whet your appetite.

Thanks to all our organisers for another great day! (If you want bigger versions of any of these pix, let me know)


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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