Model Building Technology

Screenshot of this new program

Screenshot of this new program

From the very early days of “The International Meccanoman”, the journal of the International Society of Meccanomen, “Model Building Technology” has been a must-read feature for any keen Meccano builder. Sharing the latest hints and tips on Meccano model building from beginner to advanced level, or providing information about the theory behind prototypes, Model Building Technology allows any builder to improve their modelling.

This invaluable collection is now available for your Windows PC in a specially commissioned database program. Instead of having to search through back issues of IM, tips are now collected together in a searchable index for easy browsing, finding and printing for easier model room reference.

What’s Included

  • Over 900 tips dating back to the beginning of The International Meccanoman
  • All diagrams and pictures now in high resolution for easy viewing
  • Full searchable, categorised index to allow you to quickly find tips, subjects, parts or authors
  • All tips published in the next year as a free upgrade
  • Each article or picture printable for ease of use in your model room

Available now from


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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1 Response to Model Building Technology

  1. nigellynn says:

    Dear Philip

    Many thanks for the details of the electronic MBT. I had been wondering what had happened to it. This must certainly feature in some way in the next issue of IM, and by copy of this email I’m asking Adrian whether this should be as a small article, or as part of the ‘Nuts & Bolts’ feature.

    Can I just mention that the link in your text has an error; the l of model is missing which causes the link to fail.

    I must also apologize that we haven’t used any of your submissions for ‘Nuts & Bolts’ recently. We have had the luxury of too much material for recent issues and this has squeezed this feature out. I have recently agreed with Adrian that this should be avoided in future, as I think it’s a good link between the clubs, and encourages people at a local level to know that their activities are important in the context of the wider Meccano world. We plan from now on to allocate two pages in each issue to this article, so keep your submissions coming.

    I have to offer my apologies once again for absence from this weekend’s AGM, as I shall be working that day (at both ends of it!). I probably won’t be around next year either. I am sending Adrian a few comments about the magazine which he can incorporate into his editor’s report.

    All good wishes Nigel

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