Small level luffing crane

When I was a youngster I was always rather taken by Model 6.14, a dockside crane. Like many in the 6/7 manuals of the period the model’s lines were simple and elegant and made good use of the parts available. Sadly I never actually got around to building it!

Dockside cargo crane

Dockside cargo crane

But the years pass, and skills and parts accumulate and I decided to see what I could do to “improve” this little model. This is the result – so far. It represents within the same dimensions as the original a typical dockside level-luffing cargo crane of the 1950s such as built by Stothert and Pitt. The load “level-luffs” – i.e. the load will move along a horizontal path as it moves in and out as the jib rises and falls. The luffing, slewing and hoisting are all powered by miniature motors, and a small Meccano motor fits in the platform to drive the slewing mechanism.

Narrow Strips add to the proportions, as do Rods in Rod and Strip Connectors, and railings come from the recent “Gears of War” kits. Braced Strips from Meccano’s American Cousin “Erector” add something to the tracery of the tower as well. Lead weights and other parts counterbalance the jib .


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2 Responses to Small level luffing crane

  1. Pauli says:

    Very nice!

  2. johncorbyansell says:

    Hello Phillip

    Nice one, Looks really good I would like to have built that. But at 10 years old I did not have access to the wide World of Meccano I just had the Manuals of the Day. You have certainly made a super job of it. Like the use of Rods and Strip connectors. That has given me food for thought with future projects.

    Best regards

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