Time for a new car ….

I’ve built a lot of truck models and vehicle mechanisms but not that many cars over the years, so I thought I’d put that right. But what about a subject? Well, there is one – a theme, in fact – which has been bubbling away on my back burners for some time. What is it? Well, suffice it to say at this stage that I don’t think it has been tackled before in Meccano! Any ideas? If not, keep watching this space to see the model develop. Chassis 1 Chassis 2 Chassis 3

I decided to keep to the same 1/10th scale that I use for my trucks, so that obviously means smaller wheels and more compact mechanisms. Despite this we have managed to get independent front suspension (MacPherson Strut) and steering, a working clutch and pedal, a three-speed and reverse linear gear box and the usual universal propshaft and differential in a live rear axle on semi-elliptical springs. Some elements went through a lot of iterations before I was satisfied, but that is the way these things usually go. So, we now have a functioning chassis – on with the bodywork! and that will give the game away …


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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