Summer Leaves, Autumn Comes

Meccano Eiffel Tower

Meccano Eiffel Tower

A bit quiet on the blogging front lately, but not in the hobby room. The “Henley Gathering” came and went as always, and once again a gloriously sunny day – it usually is! Lots of great models to enjoy as always, and there was the ISM AGM of course. The Society is still in transition, looking for a new editorial team for the Magazine (a few volunteers, but more needed!) and some changes of officer. It’s an uncertain world, but somehow Meccano carries on in one guise or another, its modellers still filled with creativity and ingenuity!

Back here it is that strange inbetween time when some models are coming down, some are being written up for the next Model Plan, various options for the next magnum opus are being considered and the domestic Club season gets under way. In the mean time I have been keeping my hand in by building up some of the new “Evolution” Series of models gifted to me over the summer. Lots of good ideas there, though I have modified every one of them at some point. Not very keen on all the manual illustrations, though! Showing black parts being attached to black parts is never easy, but here it really doesn’t work.


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