All done for another year

Terry Allen with his prize-winning Bugatti

Terry Allen with his prize-winning Bugatti

So there we are for another year – the Meccanomen and (women) of Skegex have packed up their tents  and stolen away into the night …  It really is a mammoth operation to put on a show that size but despite concerns about organisation and budget this year, it all went very well indeed, with record turnouts from what we hear. It may even happen again next year ….

It was interesting to get to chat with some of the new owners and managers over from Canada and to get some hints about their future plans. No idea what the results will be, but at least they are talking to the biggest free R&D group going which seems sensible and more than most have ever done before.

All credit to the PR people who did a fantastic job publicising the show locally. Our display in the Shopping Centre was a constant focus of attention and interest. My final job was to take that display down and stuff all my models plus extras into my estate car for the long haul back home. It did fit – just!

so now the question is … what do we build for next year? How about a fleet of Batmobiles, say, one from each film ….. just a thought …. or Project Bloodhound (look it up!) …. or then there’s the new Star Wars film coming out …..

so many possibilities, and so little time ….. !


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