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It’s been rather quiet on this blog for a while – my apologies! Rather busy with Easter services, problems with a retina (now sorted, thankfully) and working on a major new model – of the Space 1999 Eagle Transporter. The surgeon did say no heavy liifting for a month – rather a challenge when you have a model like this! More photos of that soon ….

But as a reminder of previous work I have uploaded some of Greg’s great photos onto the New Zealand site – check out for my model of the Apollo Saturn V rocket on its launch pad. This featured in Constructor Quarterly at one point, and was one of the central displays at a Meccano exhibition in the Leicester National Space Centre. Greg’s moody images capture something of a night launch, as some of them were. contains pictures (again by my son) of a more recent model, of the Mercury Atlas launch complex. This was based on the old Revell plastic kit, together with the usual wealth of photos available on the internet.  This was the earlier rocket that launched a series of one-man capsules into space in the early sixties. did you know that the names of the “Magnificent Seven” Mercury astronauts were then given to the heroes of the TV Thunderbirds series?


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