The darker months are often a good time for moving projects on, and so it has proved here. The Eagle Space Ship has made good progress, with all four landing pods and one more systems bay complete. Watch out for pictures here soon! There are so many parts required for this project there has been a lot of refurbishing and respraying going on to bring grim parts up to display standard. And I have even had to buy some more Obtuse Angle Brackets!

But it has also been a good time for paper work, producing six pages on demand for the desperate editor of the Meccano Newsmag recently and developing three small modelplans – two for a domestic project Greg and I are working on here and one for the MW series. MP208

This is a 12pp description of the Logging Trailer we have mentioned here before – just the trailer, though – a description of the truck will take a lot longer!

Paperwork is probably the best option at the moment since I have just had another problem with a retina (the right eye this time) and after some laser-spot-welding, as the surgeon put it, that means no heavy lifting for a while which rules out some of my models!

But once I can see properly again, hopefully work will resume.


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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