Fighting through the snow …

It’s not unknown for there to be a bit of snow in the verges when it comes to the January meeting of NMMG, but I have never seen a meeting like this! After repeated snow showers on successive days there were various messages flying around asking if the meeting was on, and others sending apologies. Members normally come from all over the country for this meeting, so with some of them facing up to six inches of snow locally and most of us facing icy conditions it was quite understandable that many members didn’t make it. But at least there was plenty of room to spread out when some of us got there!

But as always the food and the fellowship was great, and even when the committee decided we could all head home before dark for once there was still plenty of time for lots of good conversations, to study the models, and for purchases from the various dealers. While many of our far-flung members didn’t get there, the record and our congratulations must go to Kees Trommel and his wife Ria who made it by ferry all the way from the Netherlands!

NMMG in the snow


When it was decided we needed to celebrate the adventure with an out-door photo (!) it was surprising to see just how many people were there.


Congratulations to you all! I hope you all got safely home.

Kenworth Logger on display

Kenworth Logger on display

This was my model -perhaps I should have opted for a snowplough!


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