Logging Trailer

What starts someone off on a new model? All this really began when a lucky bid in a recent club auction netted me a rather nice set of wheels. I had to do something with them – so I started work on a logging bogie – the back end of a trailer that, when coupled to a suitable truck, carries great logs out of a forest to the saw mills.

I had an old plastic kit of something suitable, so using this as a guide I began to scale things up to the usual 1/10th scale that suits 4″ Meccano wheels, and this was the result. There is something about “red-and-green” that suggests venerable bulk to me in models like this, so that was my chosen livery. The result looks suitably solid – and since I plan on using some of my garden’s ash prunings as a load it may need to be!

Rear Bogey for log transporter

Rear Bogie for log transporter

About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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