Unexpected pleasures

The third Saturday in October generally means a trip up the M1 towards Sheffield, and a turn off before the city to the little village of Laughton-en-le-Morthern for the autumn meeting of the Sheffield Meccano Guild. So it was this year, despite the looming fog of an English autumn. Even that could not disguise the beauty of the woods that flank much of the motorway, now bronzed by the passing weeks, nor did the chill of the air lessen the usual warmth of the welcome. Like other Meccano meetings this one seems to be growing ever more popular, and however early one arrives there will always, it seems, be a good crowd in there first! It was just as well I had booked some table space since my own model of the American Mercury Atlas Launch Pad needed most of a table. Some people had brought their own, and the usual layout of tables had been altered so with one thing and another all of us seemed to find a space. There were the usual features – good sales tables of new and old material to pore over in search of a bargain, great refreshments, and of course the chance to catch up with old friends and find out how they were and what they have ben working on. The social part of our clubs is almost as important as the models!

The autumn meeting includes the award of the Members’ trophy – given to the “best in show” model according to the votes of all those there. There were some great models there – I was particularly taken by a giant tower crane (one of my weaknesses, I know), and fascinated by many others, some of which you can see below. But much to my surprise when the votes were counted I found that this time I was the winner! The last of many great pleasures in another very enjoyable day. To all my colleagues – my grateful thanks! And my own congratulations to you all for making it yet another really memorable show.

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