Space, the final frontier

Well, actually it was lack of space that proved the barrier! With the prospect of the autumn season opening (for me) with the next NMMG I have been busy working away at my latest model, the promised rebuild of the Mercury Atlas launch complex. It’s going well. I have learned that an early start is always wise, so I had the car packed up the night before, and set off soon after an early breakfast for the 50 minute journey to Oxton. Arriving ten minutes before opening time I not only found the car park well used, but every table in the hall was taken! People had come from all over the country – and it was great to see them – but space was really an issue – appropriately enough for my exhibit, I suppose!

I might have squeezed a small model in a corner, but since I was going to have to leave after lunch this time for an afternoon service it didn’t seem worth while, so I took the rocket and mini-truck in with me and perched them in a corner on top of the piano. Not the most distinguished of displays, but at least I made my contribution.

Maybe next time! But in the mean time, so you can see what I might have shown, here are

English: Aerial view of Launch Complex 14 with...

English: Aerial view of Launch Complex 14 with Missile Row visible to the right. Mercury-Atlas 9 (MA-9), visible on Pad 14, is scheduled to carry astronaut Gordon Cooper for the fourth manned orbital mission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

a few images to give you an idea of what is developing here at home.


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