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Sometimes an idea takes root and then blossoms into something bigger.

Years ago I came up with an idea I’ve never seen anyone else use – a small-scale staircase which used the Meccano Flexible Track pieces as treads. I thought I’d revisit this for a larger model I’m working on and this is the result.

Philip Webb’s design for a 1/32 scale industrial stairway

Alternate links of Flexible Track and Plastic Chain are clipped together and then formed into a zig-zag. The hinged knuckles are then held firmly between a pair of Strips of the appropriate length which are bolted to each other by Long Bolts or Threaded Rods on which a Collar or Spacer and a pair of Washers act as spacers. Outer Strips on the same Bolts or Rods act as stringers at the side of each run of stairs and it is to these that handrails and bracing girders are fixed. 2″ Girder Bracket make good landings between the three lengths of stairway.


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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