Skegness here we come …..

O.K., it’s not the most glamourous coastal resort in Europe, but for hundreds of Meccanomen and women and countless punters it is the must-be place each July. On the first weekend in that month the Embassy Centre on the Grand Parade is taken over by enthusiastic Meccano modellers who stage the biggest show of Meccano models in the country. There are big models to challenge even the most experienced builder, and small ones that can inspire the youngest child to have a go. There are dealers to satisfy

A giant Meccano windmill welcomes visitors to this year’s Skegex Show

your need for “just one more part”, news from Meccano UK of their latest products, and competitions that anyone can enter.

This year it runs from 6th – 8th July, and it’s open from 10 am to 5pm each day. Maybe I will see you there!


About Philip Webb

Chairman of the International Society of Meccanomen
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