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Spring may have been rather delayed in these parts, but the third Saturday in May each year sees the Village Hall in Oxton, a village NE of Nottingham, blossom with Meccano models. That’s the regular date for the Spring Meeting of the North Midlands Meccano Guild.

Once again every available flat surface was brought into the hall to accommodate the usual great range of models and displays. It is difficult to say which is the most enticing – the models on display, the Meccano-related bargains to be had in surrounding rooms, or the excellent refreshments that are always available! Certainly there were crowds around each of them.

This meeting is always the time for the annual auction: a bit slow this year perhaps – though that was not the fault of Peter Gurd, standing in for Jim Gamble for the first time. The usual eclectic mix of items from Meccano’s long history were up for bids, and while some limped over the line others prompted some genuinely competitive bidding.Perhaps the recession is making people less eager to bid – or may be we all have enough Meccano? Surely not!

Old boys with toys Meccano exhibition at the E...

The Meccano exhibition at the Embassy Centre, Skegness. This exhibition takes place annually, where enthusiasts old and new can meet and display the latest models created from the toy which is now over a hundred years old. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now NMMG members, like many others, are looking forward to the vast annual show that is Skegex – the first weekend in July at Skegness when modellers from all over Europe come together to show off their skills. It sounds as if the Chief Steward already has his hands full trying to fit everyone in! Watch this space for news of that great show in due course, or go to for more details.

For an idea of the models on show at our last meeting, check out the gallery below. (If you want hi-res pix, just ask!)

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Peterbilt truck pulling a 40ft refridgerated trailer, designed and built by Philip Webb


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