Automotive-style handbrake

One of a series of gadgets that I have toyed with – executive toys of a sort!

Take a 7 hole Strip and bolt a 1” x 1½” Corner Bracket to one end, and back the arm of this

Automotive-style handbrake

with a Double Arm Crank, boss rearwards. Mount a short Rod loosely in its bore, and bolt a Ratchet Wheel, boss outwards, to the other end.

To the second and third holes in the Strip, bolt a 1” Triangular Plate, using Set Screws. Lock a 3/8” Bolt with a pair of Nuts to the lower hole of this Plate, with a pair of Washers and a pair of Bossless Pawls free to move on its shank. A Rod and Strip Connector should be locknutted to the upper end of the Pawls. This Connector has a 2½” Rod fixed in it: this carries a pair of Collars and a Spring between them. The nearest Collar is held by a Bolt to the Strip but spaced from it by two Washers, but can pivot slightly. The other fixed Collar is a retainer for the Spring and is adjusted for compression.

Mount the whole unit in a framework as shown, locking the Rod to the side plates in a boss so that the Ratchet Wheel does not rotate.

A Heald or other actuating wire such as the new Bowden cables may be bolted to the bottom end of the first Double Arm Crank.

The result is a Handbrake lever of the automotive type where the lever may be pulled on, but the “thumb knob” at its head must be depressed to release it just as in a real car.


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